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Our approach is different than most chiropractic, physical therapy, and orthopedic clinics. Most healthcare providers focus on your pain. They never take the time to ask the question: "What caused this pain to appear in the first place?"

We look at and treat the body as a whole using our unique Capital Sports Medicine Method. Here's how we do it:

Step 1
Your Capital Sports Medicine Assessment

We listen to your story, taking note of all your previous injuries as well as previous times of stress or trauma. We then see how your body has adapted to those injuries and stresses and the movement habits it has developed since. We find what parts of your body are doing too much work and why. We also find what parts of your body aren't doing enough work and why.


We do this to understand what tissues are not doing their job and contributing to your pain experience.

Step 2
Effective Explanation

We break down the real cause of your problem in easy to understand language – no fancy words, no doctor speak. We’ll also provide you the solutions you need to get you back to a happy, healthy life.


Our clinical team's findings are presented to you in an easy to explain manner and we only proceed when you are clear on our findings.

Step 3
Your Plan

We get crystal clear on what you need to be able to do and want to be able to do as a result of working with us. We break your dream outcome down into a step by step system to make the process less overwhelming. We prioritize the steps and put them in an order that ensures you feel progress fast. We create a custom plan that fits into your lifestyle – a plan that’s realistic and easy to stick to.

Step 4
The Capital Sports Medicine Step-By-Step Treatment Plan

Your individualized treatment plan ensures the following:

  1. We get you symptom relief with hands on treatment and adjustments, helping to address unwanted muscle tension, joint stiffness and pain. 
  2. We give you simple to do exercises that keeps you progressing between sessions. 
  3. We email you a copy of the exercises in video form for continued support and peace of mind between sessions. 
  4. We progress you quickly and safely in each session so you can have confidence in your body and complete peace of mind.

This approach saves you time, money, and effort by addressing the root cause of the problem so you can finally get the long lasting relief you deserve. 

Step 5:
Performance & Maintenance

All that remains is one question: "What's next?" We re-assess your goals to determine the next game plan. One option is our maintenance care program utilizing routine chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue therapy. This is for people who want to focus on keeping the progress they've worked so hard to achieve. It's also for people who want to maintain a high quality of life. The other option is our performance care program, which utilizes all of the hands-on services we have to offer, as well as advanced high-level rehab exercises. This is for people looking to better recover from training. It's also for people looking for help lowering their handicaps and breaking their PR's.

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