Are you a passionate golfer who is starting to feel held back and frustrated because of pain and injuries?
At Capital Sports Medicine we take the time to understand your frustration and set you up with a personalized program to help get you back to playing the game you love.

Imagine Starting Every Round Knowing That You Could:

Swing Free Of Pain
Make Consistent Shots
Play & Move With Confidence
Dr. Aune is Medical 2 Certified with the Titleist Performance Institute.
Our team at Capital Sports Medicine is passionate about getter you in the best shape possible so you can get back to playing & excelling at the game you love,

What being TPI certified means is that we are able to analyze the mechanics and movement of your swing and provide you with any potential restrictions and limitations you might have in your swing. TPI also works to show the importance of overall health so that you are able to have a stable and balanced swing motion while you are playing. 

Get back to playing the game you love free of pain!
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