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Why Do We Do A Strategy Session With You First?

Can we actually help you?


Without actually speaking with you and assessing your situation…

I don’t know.

And anyone who promises they can without speaking to you is either ignorant or lying through their teeth.

What I CAN promise is that we’ll be as thorough as we can in providing the best solution for your circumstances.

And if you do decide to invest with us (remember there is 0 obligation for you to become a patient with us after the call), you always be covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

So in the unlikely event, you aren’t satisfied with our service, simply let me know and I’ll happily refund every cent you gave me – no questions asked.

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Do You Think Our Approach Sounds Too Hard Or Time-Consuming?

I can see why you’d think this.

Especially if you’ve tried to get relief doing hours of boring corrective exercises and failed in the past.

In fact, a lot of these boring exercises have actually flared a lot of our patients up in the past before they came to work with us.

Like I’ve said before…

Getting lasting relief CAN be complicated and time-consuming.

But usually, that’s because you’re trying to do it all on your own.

When you have expert guidance and a proven method to get back to doing the things that you need and want to be able to do each day…

It all becomes so much easier.

Your free strategy session is only 30 minutes long.

After that, you can have confidence in the plan, your body, and your mind in as little as 6 weeks.

Plus, we’ll be there every step of the way to provide guidance and keep you on track to reach your goals.

It’s an easy way to get back control and lasting relief.

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We’ll Put The Pieces Of Your Puzzle Together

 I’ll ask you some simple questions that you may not even think will be relevant to your current symptoms and from there, we will piece the clues together to find the true cause of your problem.

We’ll Ask You To Do Some Simple Movements That Are Important For You To Be Able To Do Effortlessly

This will help me see the movement habits you’ve now developed, which are putting other parts of your body under extra pressure or creating a ‘perceived threat’ to your brain. But we don’t just want to help ease your pain. We want to help you get back to doing the things that you need to be able to do and more important the things you WANT to do daily without pain.

We’ll Clearly Explain The Problem And Also The Plan To Get You Finally Moving In The Right Direction

We’ll explain the true problem without any big fancy words, but also give you the exact roadmap you need to get back to the things you love doing without pain. We’ll also let you know the fatal mistakes many people make when trying to relieve pain so you can avoid them!

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You’ll Receive A Fully Customized Roadmap Outlining Exactly What You Need To Do To Get Back To Doing The Things You Love Without Restriction

Using our unique world-class approach, we will listen to you and your story so that we can identify how your pain experience began and the impact it’s having on your everyday life.  

Doing this, we will look at your everyday movement and make sense of your habits to find the true cause of your problem.  

After this, we will draw out your very own roadmap, unique to you, and give you our honest opinion of what is causing your pain experience.  

Together, we will then draw out a plan with exactly what you need to do to get back to the activities that you love the most without any pain or restriction in your movement.

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See What Our Patients Have To Say

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Warning: Before you claim your FREE strategy call you MUST understand that this is NOT for everybody.

If you’re wanting to get a ‘Quick Fix’ just to get rid of your pain and not willing to build lasting habits that give real resilience for the real world, then this call will waste both of our time.  

This is only for people committed to wanting to speed up their confidence and clarity that will see their movement, energy, and mindset results surpass anything they could imagine.  

We will do the hard work, so you can focus your time on getting real-world results and see your pain ease and your movement improve.

(If you’re not ready for that then please don’t book a call.)

BUT, if you’ve realized that you need a simple step-by-step system in place that gives you the confidence and clarity to make everyday tasks easy again and are committed to achieving lasting changes, book your call right now.  

While you’re here, we recommend you booking your call right now.  

My team and I have only a limited number of slots available for free sessions this month and as you can imagine these are being taken up FAST.  

Get yours secured now before we have to start putting a price on these calls.

Here’s what you need to do next:

1) Click the button below

2) Fill in the short application form (it won’t take longer than 3 minutes) so we can make sure you get the most out of both our time on the call and give you the best strategy possible.  

I’m 100% confident that we can help you if you are committed and motivated for lasting change.  

That’s why I’m putting hundres of dollars worth of my time on the line for each call.  

Click the button below now to schedule your call.

Be well,

Dr. Carson Aune

Owner/Head Clinician Of Capital Sports Medicine


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