Have you been dealing with pain for some time?
Did you think it would go away if you rested? But it' actually gotten worse?
This is something that we hear all the time at Capital Sports Medicine when a patient comes in for their initial assessment.
People tend to struggle with pain for far too long. They get to a breaking point where they feel hopeless, and it's heartbreaking.
Being pain free and living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life doesn't have to be a struggle.
Read on to find out how simple it can be.

The Reality of Being in Pain

If you've been in pain long enough, you know that it can really push your limits.
It gets to a point where you become so desperate to get rid of the pain. You'll do anything to get some relief.
It's stopping you from doing something that you want or need to be able to do. For example: going to pickle ball club, playing with grandchildren, or even taking the dog on a walk.
It feels like you have dealt with it for so long that you've accepted that it's just a part of your life. That you'll have to cope with it for the rest of your life.
Many people who have been in this position have tried traditional approaches (YouTube stretches, home remedies, GP) and still found no help...
This injury just happened this weekend, or the last couple weeks... And it's stopping you from returning to the things you want to be able to do.

The Capital Sports Medicine Approach To Your Pain

Whether it is a new or old injury, it is important to understand WHY it happened in the first place.
Was it a traumatic injury? Slipping and falling off a curb? Or did it come on over time?
Do you remember the first time you noticed the pain?
Is the timing and activity when you first noticed the pain pretty hard to remember?
By knowing why it happened, it can give us an idea of what tissues might be causing your pain.

Addressing The Real Issue

When you injure your body, you will pick up NEW movement habits to prevent it from working. Think of how you avoid using an ankle you've just rolled. You don't do this consciously, your body just reacts.
This is why we need to address the problem as soon as possible. With long term injuries, the body will be so used to these altered strategies. It is very hard to change a bad habit, so it will take longer to overcome these new movement habits and strategies.

Why You May Not Be Getting Pain Relief With Chiropractic

Like stated above, we need to restore the body's way of moving efficiently. There is NOT going to be quick fix.
This process takes time. We need to give the brain time to overcome the old habits sot hat you can move the way you want to.
If you come to Capital Sports Medicine looking for a quick fix, you will NOT get pain relief.
It doesn't matter of you go to chiropractor or physical therapy. There is no MAGIC WAND.
Stick to the plan and you will see results!

Why ‘Pain Free’ May Not Always Mean ‘Pain Free’

The suggested number of session IS how long it will take to get to your end goal.
I often see people half way through the plan and pain free thinking that they don't need treatment anymore. The problem is that they are still NOT ready to return to their end goal. You may not have fully earned the right to be at that stage. So if you return to full activity, it is only a matter of time before the pain comes back and you will NOT GET PAIN RELIEF.
We don't just work with everyone. We choose to work wiht people ethat we know are highly motivated to make this plan a priority in their lives. To enable them to see results in the long run.
If fixing your pain is NOT a priority to you... you won't make the effort to do exercises... If you don't do the exercises and encourage your body to move efficiently, you will NOT GET PAIN RELIEF.

Why You Should Call Us

If you are a person in pain AND you are motivated...
If you want to fix the problem long term...
If you want to stop the pain from coming back and are going to turn up to every session
We want to help.
All you have to do is click here to book your FREE 1-1 initial assessment. There we'll uncover the true cause of your pain and create a bespoke treatment plan so YOU can get back to the activities you want and need to do.
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