With golf tournament season starting, it's perfect weather to be out on the green all day. Here are 4 of my favorite stretches to keep you from getting any knee, shoulder, or back pain while swinging your golf club.
1) Front leg swings: This exercise is great to open up your hips in preparation for your golf swing.
From a standing position, use a golf club or golf cart as your support. Swing your leg up and down several times to loosen things up. Repeat on the opposite side.
2) Stork turns: This exercise is great to get your entire body rotating. It's particularly good at helping to separate your upper body from your lower body, like it needs to in a swing.
Using a golf club or golf cart as support, take one foot and lock it behind your knee. Keeping your upper body from moving, you will twist your lower body in both directions. Repeat on the opposite side.
3) Sweep the Dust backswings: This exercise preps the body for correct shoulder motion during the back swing.
Holding your driver or your longest club against your shoulders (with the club facing towards the target) you are going to get into your golf posture. You will imagine your club head is a broom, and you will twist your upper body away from the target (like in a backswing) and "brush" the floor.
4) Shoulder figure four: This exercise helps prep the shoulder complex for your swings.
While standing, take a gold club and reach it over your shoulder as if you were going to use it to scratch your back. Grab the end of the club with your opposite arm and gently stretch your shoulder.

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