With fall officially starting and temperatures dropping, you will be in your yard more. We want to make sure you understand why you should warm-up before starting your yard work. By warming up, you can work to avoid injury. It prepares your body and mind for activity. It also helps with muscle recovery after your workout.

3 Benefits of a Proper Warm Up

Increase Core Body Temperature

A proper warm up boosts your body temperature. In response, your blood flow will increase. This will make sure that blood and oxygen can head to the muscles much quicker. This will get the muscles ready to activate and build some muscle endurance.

Increase Joint Range of Motion

As blood flows through your muscles, you may start to feel an increase in your range of motion. When doing anything you want to make sure that you have more range of motion available than what is needed to perform. It's like having buffer room. If you don't have extra range of motion, sudden or heavy moments can cause injury and inflammation.

Reduce Risk of Muscular Injury and Improve Performance

With better blood flow, the muscles are frequently resupplied with blood and oxygen. This reduces muscular injury because it makes sure that they stay strong and active. As more blood courses through your muscles it becomes easier to recruit the muscle.

Essential to a Proper Warm Up

It’s clear why a proper warm up is important but now what does a proper warm up consist of?  

Tissue Mobility Exercise

This will improve your muscle mobility. There are a couple different ways to do this, but all that is important is active mobility to get your muscles moving.

Muscle Activation and Corrective Exercises

You want to prime yourself for your activity. Do exercises that help you. You want to make sure that while you have mobility, you need stability. If you are under the care of a chiropractor or a physical therapist, do your prescribed exercises to help get you prepared for your activity.

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