A new habit can be difficult to form, especially if it takes a lot of time and effort to establish. The "8 hours mentality" is one strategy that can aid in making the procedure more doable.

The concept behind the "8 hours" approach is easy.

  1. Divide the habit you wish to develop into manageable time chunks.
  2. Concentrate on regularly finishing those portions each day.

You may divide an hour of exercise into 8 sessions of 8 minutes each, for instance, if your goal is to make it a daily habit.

You can make the work feel more doable and less scary by concentrating on finishing just 8 minutes of exercise at a time.As you start, you can extend each 8-minute session until you develop the desired habit as you start to consistently complete them.

Being consistent and blocking off a definite period of time each day to perform your habit is one way to make the "8 hours" approach work.

The key is to select a time that works for you and stick to it, whether that is first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or right before night.Another helpful tip is to find a way to track your progress. A habit tracker app can be used to monitor your progress, or it can be as easy as marking off each session on a calendar.

A new habit is never easy to form. But by dividing the task into small time intervals and consistently working towards your goal, you may greatly ease the process.

The next time you're trying to develop a new habit, give the 8-hour rule a shot; it just might help you make that habit a dependable part of your routine.  Let us know if you want to make sure that injury doesn’t get in the way of you keeping your new movement habits in 2023! 

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