I want to start out by saying that there is no one cause of knee pain. This is not going to be a step by step guide to fixing knee pain, more so a behind the scenes of how I treat knee pain at Capital Sports Medicine.

1) Understand your injury history.

It's important to understand your story. By knowing your story, I can start to understand how your knee started to do too much work. Injury happens when the load is greater than a tissues's load bearing capacity. Something is causing your knee to bear so much extra load.

2) Find out what you want and need to do.

If I don't know what your end point is, I can't really help you! Being out of pain is ambiguous. It's great to be out of pain but it doesn't help us make you the best you, you can be. It's not a very good measure of your improvement.
If you give us the end point, we can better create the most optimal path to getting you to that goal.

3) Make sure that your knees move well.

If you are lacking range of motion in your knees... you may face more stress on some of muscles around your knee joint as it attempts to handle your every day tasks.

4) Use isometric loading to start trusting your whole leg again

If you are lacking range of motion, use isometric exercises to open up your range of motion. Isometric exercises are beneficial because early in the process because they are safe and easy to use. We want to begin using the limb in ways that do not cause pain. The goal is to have safe and pain-free experiences with movement as the tissues heal.

5) Use eccentric exercises to get moving again.

I use eccentric exercises to make sure that you can handle day to day activities like going up or down stairs. One frequent exercise is the eccentric split squat. Can you your leg bear your entire body weight as you squat down and then come back up? And pain free? If you can't, we may need to head back to step 3 or 4.
Here's how to perform the eccentric split squat.
  1. start with whatever leg you want to work on in front and the other leg slightly behind. This front foot is going to be taking most of the weight.
  2. completely relax your body. You should be slouched with your chin tucked to your chest.
  3. squat down, reach down to the floor, slowly bend the knee of your front foot, and let the weight shift back to the heel.
  4. at the bottom of the squat close to the floor you’re going to need to come back up. As you do come back up from the ground you want to shift forwards onto the middle of your foot and front of your foot until you are back standing.
  5. do not let your knee snap back as you stand up.

Don't Struggle On With Your Knee Pain

Health frequently takes a bake seat. With busy lives and schedules, people struggle with pain for several months before seeking out help.
If your car broke down, you'd struggle to get to work, you wouldn't be able to take your kids to school. You also wouldn't be able to go on that trip. So you'd get your car fixed, right?
It's about time you put your health first.
If you're still suffering, if you're missing out on activities you love... don't keep struggling.
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