Have you tried chiropractic and physical therapy before and it hasn't worked?
Were you given exercises that you just did not have the time for? Or didn't understand why you were doing them?
You might have stopped doing them because you didn't know if you were doing the exercise right. Or it didn't make a difference in your pain?
You will get exercises when you go to your chiropractor to do at home. These help retrain your nervous system and help put an end to the pain you face.
But for you, there might still be some confusion or doubt. Today we'll put an end to that.

1) Understand Why You Are Doing Them

A good therapist explains WHY you are doing a certain exercise. The exercise should be a stepping stone to get you from where you are, to pain-free and back to what you love doing.
At Capital Sports Medicine, we make sure that every patient understands WHY they're doing a certain exercise.
So if you don't know why you are doing something, ask your therapist for that extra bit of understanding!

2) Be Honest & Realistic

Be honest with your therapist when they ask you how much you can give towards these exercises.
Everybody has a tendency to please people and just say yes to everything. In this case, it may do more harm than good.
If you're not honest, the therapist may not be able to give you a realistic exercise that you can practice. You will almost certainly stop doing them, which will lead to the pain continuing.
Be honest and realistic.

3) Complete The Exercises With Your Daily Activities

Throughout your rehabilitation, your therapist will help you align the exercise given to a daily task.
For example, if you need to place more weight in your feet when bending over we like to use think about "squishing an orange" through the foot.
This makes sure that the exercise can become a part of your daily movement. This way you do the exercise multiple times a day without having to stop what you're doing. This tip is exceptionally useful in the early stage of your rehabilitation.

4) Ensure You Are Doing Them Correctly

Sometimes you'll see your therapist. You get an exercise. You go home... and you've completely forgotten the movement. It happens. For the exercise to do its magic, you have to be performing it correctly.
At Capital Sports Medicine, we have an exercise library where we send you videos of exercises. At the end of every session these exercise videos are sent to your email so you can be sure you are doing these exercises correctly without fear of making your pain worse.

5) Talk To Your Therapist If You Are Struggling

Honesty is one of our core values. We expect the same honesty from our patients. When you come to us, you become a part of the team. It's the only way we can help you reach your dream goals and a pain-free life.
If you struggle with a specific exercise or want the exercises to be changed, just talk to your therapist. We'll work to help make it easier for you.

6) Remember Why You Came For Chiropractic

If you're struggling with motivating yourself to perform an exercise, think back to why you called the clinic in the first place. You want to be pain free? Well... exercises are a big part of that journey.
The exercises prescribed are there to get you back to what you love as quickly as possible. If you stay on top of them, you will progress quicker and give yourself the best opportunity to a pain-free life.

Final Thoughts On Your Exercises

It really is teamwork that will get the job done. You and your therapist have to work together to help you reach your dream goals. We at Capital Sports Medicine are sherpas. We can guide you, but we can't drag you to the finish line.
Here at Capital Sports Medicine know that it can be hard to fit exercise into your routine. We know that motivation drops, that's why we want to make it as quick and simple for you.
When we prescribe an exercise we'll take time to explain the WHY behind the certain movements. We'll ensure you can fit these into your daily routine with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.
If you want to fix the problem long term… If you stop the pain from coming back and get back to the things you love pain free we are here to help.
All you have to do is click here to request your FREE 1-1 initial assessment in which we’ll uncover the true cause of your pain and create a bespoke treatment plan so you can get back to the activities you want and need to do.
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