A Message From Capital Sports Medicine,

Capital Sports Medicine is deeply, morally enraged by people and practices that deny equal rights and opportunities for all people. CSM does not and will not tolerate racism. Racism has no place in our society. The word itself has but one appropriate use in our language and that is to inform the principles that abolish racism in every form and to establish consequences for any who violate those principles.

At this pivotal time, it is our duty as healthcare providers to broadcast our support of Black people who have been killed, harmed, systemically discriminated against, underserved, and underrepresented in our country. As a healthcare organization, we are aware of and witness to health disparities that affect the Black community, and we are here to help.

We will continue to serve all who need us and will ensure that our Black patients and their caregivers feel comfortable and safe in our office. It is imperative that CSM is an inclusive space where our patients receive quality care that is focused on you as a person — a whole person. Therefore, we will strive to not be colorblind, as we will not ignore the complexities of racial disparities and discrimination; we will appreciate individualism; we won’t be a part of minimizing the struggles of People of Color, especially Black and Indigenous people; and we will continue to dismantle our own prejudices that we are working to uncover.

At Capital Sports Medicine, racist or hate speech will not be tolerated. We support Black Lives Matter. We support social justice. To our Black patients and caregivers, we stand with you.

As a straight, White, cisgender male, who benefits from White privilege, I want to share with you my commitment to listening, learning and being anti-racist. In 2011, I took the chiropractic oath, which states “I will serve my patient to the best of my ability, violating neither his or her confidences nor his or her dignity, and in my association with patients I shall not violate that which is moral and right.” This is not about politics — This is about human rights.

Be well,

Dr. Carson Aune
Founder & CEO
Capital Sports Medicine